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Tips Music walks down the memory lane with Ajay Devgn's hit song "Des Mere" - a chartbuster of its time.

Though the original song was released years ago, it still fills people with a sense of pride and spark patriotism.

Ajay Devgn starer the sing portrays the culture of India. The video gives us a glimpse of the best of India, reminding us that the country has always overcome every difficulty.

Ajay Devgn quotes "It is in these tough times where we need to remind ourselves of who we are and where we belong. We are the citizens of this great country who is not only fighting the pandemic but also helping other countries. Time and again Indians have proved that we can fight anything"

Kumar Taurani says “ The song will awaken  the patriot in you and lift  your spirit of nationalism. It will imbibe  you with a feeling of complete surrender for the country’s good and well being .

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