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Payal Ghosh is taking Spanish lessons as she would need it for an upcoming film that she is doing in Bollywood. Payal has been a meticulous actor and she has always taken her characters very seriously and this is one step in that direction. The Patel ki Punjabi Shaadi actress surprised everyone with her debut and 2020 seems to be a big her for her.

We caught up with Payal on her Spanish lessons and here is what she has to say, " Yes I am learning Spanish and I am totally loving the process. Every emotion and expression is denoted so differently in Spanish and it's such an open language. It's beautiful and I hope I get it right. I can't divulge much detail about the project currently but I can promise that this is going to be extremely entertaining. I love the character that I am playing and it's taking a lot of work from my end to get to the skin of the character. Let's see how the result comes out soon."

We wish her all the luck and love for the movie. She is really making a lot of effort and it shows in her work down south and we hope she replicates the same success and magic here as well

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