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Swwapnil Joshi became the first Marathi actor to be invited for a Ted talk and he gave some brilliant life lessons at MITAOE which is an engineering college in Pune. Swwapnil Joshi spoke on the topic of The Gift of Walking and the audience had a lovely time listening to our very own Swwapnil.

We spoke to him post the talk and here is what he says, " It was a gallant opportunity for me. I have always heard a lot of Ted Talks and I was inspired by a lot of them so for me to get the opportunity to deliver a Ted talk was pretty much a dream come true. The topic was The Gift of Walking and I hope I have added something to the listeners. The video is now available online and I would love to have feedback on it by the online listeners. It's a huge platform and since the crowd was young I went on stage in bright colors and it was pretty engaging. I absolutely loved the experience."

This is another feather in the wing of the Marathi superstar. He is an avid reader and we are sure that would have come in handy as he prepared a ppt style slide as we saw from the rushes. You can now watch the episode on Ted Talks Youtube Channel.

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