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Theme- Conservation of Water

20th August, 2019 in Mumbai-  Neha Banerjee, senior most disciple & student of Pandit Birju Maharaj along with A. Shivamani (World Percussions) made an official announcement of one - of -its- kind show with  titled "DANCING WATERS"- A fusion of Kathak And Drums with a message to conserve water.

Sargams Tarana and traditional kathak format which will be showcased in the show. Neha Banerjee further describes the show's composition as Teentaal but composed in a very matured way.

A. Shivamani (World Percussions)  says "I’m always excited to be performing with new, young talent, and Neha being a disciple of my favourite Pt. Birju Maharaj makes it even more special for me. The whole theme of Water will make this concert unique & we will be trying to support the all-important issue of water conservation through this concert"

Neha Banerjee's quote says "It's an honour and privilege to get an opportunity to work with one of the greatest percussionists of our times. I've been wanting to work with drums and kathak for some time and was thrilled when  Sivamani ji agreed to doing something wonderful together. I chose water conservation as the subject of our recital and performance because as an artist I wanted to use my craft to draw attention to the subject of water conservation. I hope the audiences are able to enjoy and understand this performance just as I'm devising it. Other than that, I'm excited at prospect of the extravaganza that awaits us. I seek the blessings of all my Gurus always"

Best part of the compositions will be the blend of Drums and instruments like Violin, Tabla, Guitar, Sitar with Kathak . Various great artists like Vivek Mishra on Tabla , Somnath Mishra Vocal , Sukhdev Mishra on Violin , Rajneesh on Keyboard , Utkarsh Shrivastav on Guitar and Alka Gujjar on Sitar have come together to create magic on stage with dance & drums . Choreography will be guided by one of the oldest disciples of Pt Birju Maharajji Vijayshree Chaudhry. 

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