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Melvin Louis is an Indian dancer, an ace choreographer, and a Youtuber. He has created dance videos on YouTube with various celebrities and artists making him one of the fastest growing Youtubers around. His YouTube videos has taken the internet by storm and hit millions in a couple of hours. He is a self-taught dancer who never had a mentor and never trained at a dance school. His enthusiasm and passion for music, dance, and fitness kept him going. Talent and hard work is what matters to him the most. Quoting him,” Many people approach me, asking me to teach them. I have also trained people who couldn’t afford dance classes without charging any fee. If somebody has the fire to succeed, I don’t think about anything else.”

Currently, Melvin is planning web shows and is working on some music video assignments. Apart from his assignments he owns a studio called dancepeople and has recently come up with modules at his academy which focus on training models , artists and actors offering them private sessions and group trainings as well. He tours across India and the world for workshops which are observed to have huge number of footfalls everytime maybe it any city or any country .

He has over 1.8 MN subscribers on YouTube and it is growing rapidly. One of his most recent choreography on Aankh Maarey with Neha Kakkar has crossed 55 MN views and still counting. His dance videos on the song Socha hai and Coca Cola Tu has more than 12 MN and 11 MN views. His videos like Kamariya with Sandeepa Dhar , Proper Patola with Sana khan , Buzz with Esha gupta & Lamberghini with Harleen Sethi have caught people’s eye for long . Lamberghini was a favourite across the web and has been the talk of the town , Mr.Amitabh Bacchan sir re-tweeted his video praising his moves to the most trending song today . The list doesn’t end there people hadn’t gotten over this re-tweet that Anand Mahindra spoke his heart about this video and Melvin’s moves .
Melvin is one of the flag-bearers of gen next Bollywood choreographers and dancers and as his work suggests, one can’t get enough of him , his moves have a flavour of style and entertainment all in one . You must stalk his videos if you haven’t they are a must watch on his Instagram handle and Youtube channel

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