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The unprecedented pandemic has turned into a very difficult time for the ones living on a daily wage income. In such times, Pranitha Subhash has been trying to spread a sense of solidarity amongst the most vulnerable.

Stalwarts like Prabhu Deva,  Kiran Mazumdar- CEO of Biocon are praising Subhash for her valour.

She, along with her small team of volunteers have taken the onus of supporting and helping as much as they can and have managed to raise funds of approximately 10 lakhs and supported more than 450 families via DBT.

They have donated ration kits to more than 200 makeup and hairstyle association of the film industry. They have distributed shields and sanitising chemicals to hundreds of auto drivers.

Pranitha along with her team of volunteers are personally preparing and packing food boxes for daily wage workers and migrants.

In order to protect and safe guard the people who are protecting us, she and her team have donated sanitizer stands and protective material to 28 police stations in Bangalore.

Prabhu Deva all praises for Pranitha says "Keep up the great work. Your help has changed so many lives. All the best to you and your team"

“We are trying to help as much as we can and as little as we can. We can’t predict the longevity of Corona but we can sure protect are fellow brothers and sisters from the wrath of this pandemic” says Pranitha.

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