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Freight movement is being closely monitored by officials at very senior level as the nation’s supply is depending on it. Central Railway understands its crucial role during this difficult time. Many of its staff who are silently working during the difficult time presently understand and continue bravely under difficult circumstances.

Shri V.M Rajan, Chief Yard Master, Kalyan Goods yard is one such silent warrior who played an important role to run goods trains during lockdown due to COVID19. He managed to run 311 goods trains by judiciously arranging goods drivers, guards and other staff available at his command to cater strategic movement of essential commodities. He also managed to run the goods train even though, the availability of working staff is limited due to non-availability of transportation and social issues.

Apart from this, he has also managed to run 4 dedicated parcels services between Kalyan-Sankrail, Kalyan-Changsari, Kalyan-Hazrat Nizamuddin and Haridwar-Kalyan to supply essential medicines, sanitizer, gloves, masks etc

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