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A film by United White Flag 

In the time when Bollywood is facing scarcity of originality, United White Flag boosts original, fresh & authentic music with their romantic ballad "Badi Asaani Se"

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Simple words, but very layered melodies, and that's the best combination which perfectly describes "Badi Asaani Se". The song features a fresh cast of Rohan Mehra, Surabhi Mehra & Samriddhi Mehra (Chinki-Minki) & Roman Khan

Ramji Gulati says "Its a beautiful song with beautiful moments. Badi Asaani Se will help you explore the enchanting world of thoughts and emotions. The idea was also to have a quality video in an international setting & collaborating with the most talented cast and crew to give the audience a never-seen-before music video"

Danish Alfaaz says "Badi Asaani Se conveys a beautiful story. The music of the song assails your senses, calming the mind in one magnificent sweep of transcendental sound. Looking forward to the response from the audiences"

Rohan Mehra, Surabhi Mehra & Samriddhi Mehra (Chinki-Minki) & Roman Khan say "Its a beautiful song which will keep you company in quarantine. We hope the audience enjoys the song as much as we enjoyed shooting it"

Singer, Lyrics, Composer- Danish Alfaaz; Music by- Danish Alfaaz & Ritik Chouhan; Produced by- Lucky Soni & Meet Thacker; Publicity by- F1 Digitals; A film by United White Flag.

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