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Tomorrow that is on the 5th April 2020 as requested by PM Narendra Modi, Padman actress Harshada Patil will switch off lights and will lit a candle, a candle of hope "As our PM is doing his best to save us we should help him, support him and follow what he is asking us to do. Our gesture will directly tell him that we are ready to fight"

Harshada believes that it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect each other & stand by each other. It is not necessary that only the primary people can do something to the country but every citizen can do something and what they have to do it's really simple, they have to sit at home and show their braveness by having patience.

"I would like to request our own people not to believe in small talks or rumours. Some are scared and some are feeling lonely but there is nothing to fear. We have to maintain social distance and not emotional distance. You may do what is utmost necessary. There is a difference between needs and wants, so please be aware of what your need is and don't  shop in panic for your luxury. Wash your hands whenever required, wear a mask when necessary. This time is tough for all of us. But not such that we can't win" adds Harshada.  

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