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The world has drastically changed over the past few weeks, none of us could have ever imagined being going through the worst pandemic outbreak the world has witnessed in the past hundred years.  It has been life altering for each one of us in more ways than one can express.

My heart goes out to each victim who has been suffering, to the families who are bearing the pain of losing loved ones and to our self-less and courageous healthcare professionals, security forces,  and essential services who are keeping us safe.

Covid- 19 is a war now, and we should not consider ourselves as victims but as soldiers to save our motherland and our countrymen. I applaud the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modiji to fight this war and protect our nation. At this critical time, our future, and our country's future rests with each of us.

The art of war-fare and winning has never been easy. It requires discipline, mental strength, emotional intelligence, and resilience on various levels. At this time, our minds mind can be our strongest asset in helping us get through this challenging phase. 

Through this unprecedented phase, and after the virus is beaten, maintaining our mental health is essential. Music as a whole and our classical raags especially have been proven to work wonders for mental health; proven by researchers in the  United States the United Kingdome government will planning to implement music 4 mental health post-2022.  I believe it's time we appreciate the teachings of our ancestors, our motherland and look inwards now. For those who enjoy classical music, Bollywood and any other genre; listening to music calms one down, and the music recommended for mental health will always make the brain release endorphins-making you calmer and happier. Individuals at peace make for happier families, communities, nations, and world.

As professionals, each one of us should contribute in our ways to win this battle.

We launched the Tips Music 4 mental health campaign in October 2019 to bring more awareness about the importance of one's well being and how music can add joy to one's life. Now, the world needs this more than ever, and I hope we add a little bliss to every life through music. Tips Music 4 Mental health is available on all platforms - Amazon, gaana, and Jiosaavn

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