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On 21st February 2020, Tips Industries launches and announces its foray into yet another local language content channel. It’s not just an ordinary day but it also happens to be “International Mother language day” and the launch of their Marathi channel promoting the mother tongue of Maharashtra is perfect timing.

In terms of business estimates, as per census* 2011, only 43.6% of Indians speaks Hindi as a mother tongue, while 56.4% speak the other 1370 languages as their mother tongue including the 21 national languages which have over a million native speakers. Recognizing this, brands are increasingly turning regional to reach out to customers in their languages. Last year, Google launched its Assistant in 9 Indian languages. Twitter has launched a 6-language feed in India and now reports that only half of its tweets are in English, followed by Hindi and Tamil. Content apps like Facebook, Netflix and Amazon support 8-9 Indian regional languages, in addition to the many international languages they serve their content in.

According to a KPMG report titled ‘India’s Digital Future: Mass of niches’, with the digital migration of English-speaking audiences almost complete, most new users coming online – and there are expected to be 500 million of them by 2030 – will access the internet in their local language. With the rapid proliferation of Jio and cheap internet in the country, people have access to the internet but not content in their regional language. This is one of the main reasons why Tips Industries also known to be pioneer in the business in many aspects is now looking at this large, net-savvy yet untapped market across India.

There is a great creative and business opportunity for local language-specific and culturally appropriate content relevant to diverse audiences and we are already working having great content in the development in Gujarati, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi and now Marathi.

In the past one month itself our reginal channels have had some great heart whelming work:  On our Gujarati channel:  our last music video “Vidaai” featuring Bhoomi Trivedi, Parth Bharat Takkar and Priya Saraiya was an instant hit. It has got great reviews and acceptance across the industry and viewers.   A few days ago saw the launch of “Muinja Lada” a Sindhi song by Vandana Nirankari. Sindhi having a very niche audience yet Tips is backing its artists with great dedication. Now, we launch the Marathi channel which will encourage local artists and bring its viewers path breaking content. At Tips Industries we see a multilingual decade ahead and are working towards creating path breaking content for the viewers in terms music and film and with a clear vision contributing to Prime Minister, Narendra Modiji’s vision of Digital India. 

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