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Ridhima Pandit was invited by her school to be the chief guest for the annual day and there couldn't have been a bigger moment for her. It meant a lot for her to give back to her school in some ways. We all are by products of our initial days mostly and she is no different. The seeds of acting and anchoring were sown pretty early in her life as she took to the stage with so much of love and reverence.

We spoke to Ridhima on the eve of the annual day of her school and here is what she had to say of her presence as the chief guest, "It's a matter of pride for me. Giving back to the school means so much to me. Being invited and felicitated by the school means a lot. I was an average student and the only place where I felt important was the stage. I knew it very early in my life. I wanted to embrace the stage and the lights. My teachers recognised that and they felt extremely proud to have me as their chief guest. I never won anything during the sports days. When it came to acting I was on top of my game and my teachers recognise that. I owe so much to my school and seeing the young talent makes me feel so happy and a kid again."

This is definitely one fairytale. She was almost teary eyed to see her teachers and the staff at school embracing her with so much love and affection. This is one for the archives and an event that our beautiful girl will remember forever.

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