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Mumbai: Mumbai Congress, under the leadership of MRCC President Milind Deora, has formed a Monsoon Grievance Committee to provide support to the people of Mumbai and ensure their problems are taken to the right authorities.

Speaking about this initiative Milind Deora says, “The average citizen is unaware about how to approach the BMC and who in the BMC should they speak to for different kinds of problems. Hence we thought of providing a one stop solution to Mumbaikars- the monsoon grievance committee”.

Milind Deora has urged Mumbaikars to reach out to the Monsoon Grievance Committee with complaints related to range of issues including water logging, electricity cuts, open manholes and potholes among others.

The grievance committee has already started to get some success.The Bombay Presidency Radio Club Limited wrote to Milind Deora and the Monsoon Grievance Committee seeking help in persuading the BMC to clear the garbage accumulated in front of the Club post high-tide. They later thanked the Grievance cell and the Mumbai Congress unit Chief for the assistance as the complaint has been addressed and resolved by the BMC after the Monsoon Grievance Committee addressed the issue. This committee comprises of Ravi Bavkar (9821032529), Prakash Patne (9820492467), Adv. Sushil Dalvi (9833854937), Puran Doshi (9967043251) and Nizamuddin Rayeen (9322508359).

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