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Mumbai: Congress’ Candidate from Mumbai North-west Sanjay Nirupam today met with around 400 auto rickshaw drivers in Mumbai’s Jogeshwari and lent an ear to their problems. Nirupam also discussed potential solutions to the issues which the auto rickshaw drivers deal with on a daily basis.

Sanjay Nirupam said, “Proper auto rickshaw stands are necessary to ensure a regulated system in the city. It will also curb instances of illegal auto rickshaw parking which will further prevent the harassment of the auto rickshaw drivers by traffic police. In a long run, it will ensure a respectable life for the auto rickshaw drivers as well as the common people of Mumbai”.

The auto rickshaw drivers also expressed the need for free parking space for the auto rickshaws. “Most of these drivers reside in slums which don’t have enough space for parking the rickshaws. Hence, many auto rickshaw drivers are in dire need of some open space but unfortunately those sitting in the BMC are busy encroaching upon these open spaces”, added Nirupam.

Speaking about the complaints registered by people against the auto drivers who refuse to ply passengers, Sanjay Nirupam said, “I advise the auto rickshaw drivers to always ply women, children and senior citizens. No pregnant woman should be left stranded on the street looking for an auto rickshaw”. 

While interacting with the Congress Party’s candidate for North-west Mumbai, the auto rickshaw drivers also demanded a separate housing colony for themselves.

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