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Man, and so many talents, Vispy is not only a record holder but also runs Akshay Kumar’s self-defense academy for women in Surat and has also been part of his movie ‘Brothers’.
Quoting him, “Since I work with multiple institutions and organizations I don’t get a lot of time to spend with my close family and friends and they have been complaining about it for some time now. I am planning to spend the entire day with them and we might go out in the evening. The year-end is a special break as I take a small leave from the work that I do so I can come back re-energized to carry it at length again.”
Kharadi imparts training to Surat police since last 5 years and conducts free self-defense camps for women across the cities in Gujarat free of cost under the banner of ‘Suraksha Setu’ for Gujarat government. Also, he has been a part of the corporate industry for a decade and holds a degree from IIM Bangalore while being fully immersed in multiple sports and battle crafts.
When we quizzed him about his secret to the success he says, “It's honestly the love of the work. I absolutely love what I am doing and I am able to bring changes due to it. There are people who come and tell me how they feel inspired by me and that means a lot to me.” “I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to everybody. Stay active, Stay happy”

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