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Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam today wrote a petition to the CEO of Adani Electricty Shri. Kandarp Patel demanding immediate withdrawal of the recent hike in the electricity tariff across Mumbai. Nirupam also stated that the Congress Party, on behalf of the people of Mumbai, has been demanding restoration of the August 2018 billing levels but did not receive any response.
In the letter Nirupam has demanded, “In all cases where consumers have been billed on estimate basis, AEML must credit the entire bill amount to the consumers on receiving the metered bill”. He also pointed out the errors and discrepancies in the meter reading by AEML thus demanding a transparent and consumer-friendly process.

Sanjay Nirupam stated, “It is presumed that MERC has ordered a probe into the excess billing issue. If the probe confirms the billing was excess, the full amount should be refunded or credited back to the consumer”.
Nirupam said that the agitation led by the Congress Party against the steep hike in the electricity tariffs will be intensified if Mr. Patel fails to take necessary steps.
The Mumbai Congress President has been raising this issue since people of Mumbai reached out to him seeking help against the atrocious hike. Sanjay Nirupam also led many agitations and recently visited the AEML Bill Connection Centre in Andheri and met with the officials to see how the grievances of distressed consumers are being handled only to find out that nothing is being done in these offices to relieve the consumers.

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