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“Why is CM Fadnavis repeatedly changing his stand?”: Sanjay Nirupam

 Mumbai: A day after the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was forced to put a stay on the controversial land deal involving 24 acres of land in Ranjanpada-Ove, Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai Congress Chief Sanjay Nirupam decided to visit the area today to reiterate that the suspension of the then CIDCO MD Mr. Bhushan Gagrani, District Collector (Raigad), Additional Collector and Tahsildar (Panvel) must happen with immediate effect.

Sanjay Nirupam said, “The CM is repetitively changing his stand which further proves that either he was unaware of the scam which is laughable or else he is pretending to which is clearly perjury and lies. CM has been denying the possibility of this scam and now has been forced to eat his words”.

Sanjay Nirupam reiterated that as per Govt documents, Ove is part of 95 villages that come under CIDCO. “The land in question belongs to CIDCO. The developmental planning rights of this land rest with the CIDCO as well. Hence, the District Collector (Raigad) has no right to sell this land. However, the land which belongs to the department headed by the CM himself has been illegally sold by the District Collector (Raigad) to a private Builder, Paradise Builders at peanut’s price. The CM should now at least accept that this land transaction is a big scam”, added Nirupam.

Nirupam further stated that, “The money at which the land was sold to Paradise Builders is way too less. In his defence, the CM said that the total cost of the land will amount to almost Rs. 230 Crores once applied for conversion. But the truth is that the entire area of this land in Navi Mumbai is already converted. The CM is either unable to understand this or is acting like it. Instead of ordering a stay on this land deal, the entire deal should be scrapped with immediate effect”.

Along with the suspension of the aforesaid officials who are the main culprits in this scam, Sanjay Nirupam also demanded that a committee comprising of two retired High Court Judges should be appointed to investigate this entire issue.

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