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Mahira Sharma says For me donating basic essentials is a gesture to show that I CARE. I care for all those who are helpless at this time , all those who are unable to support themselves and their families.

It's convenient to sit infront of the Social
Media and monitor others to judge and comment on others and their actions but it is difficult to come out and help those in pain, feed them, and comfort them. I am using my social media to encourage and motivate people to help each other rather than making funny videos on alcohol and making a mockery of this situation. Others vulnerablilty is not funny....
Use social media for nobility and good messages .... stop being in VAIN

If I am sitting in a position where I can influence and inspire  millions to do good then why not! I know there are many more and powerful people than me out there but I have the will and good intention to step  out of my house and act upon it, rather than making funny videos and pointing fingers at others.  

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