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Music by- DJ Sheizwood; Lyrics- Kunwar Juneja; Singer- DJ Sheizwood & Deepshikha Nagpal; Presenter- Apeksha Music; Produced by- Ajay Jaswal; Music Programming by- Dr A & Tallon.

An ode to Corona; Times of crisis, let's sing for Corona to go away "GO CORONA GO"

Through the song, makers request everyone to battle this pandemic together & remain safe.

Dj Sheizwood and Deepshikha Nagpal earlier released a song Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar & Kya Hua Tera Wada

Post giving a chartbuster, Music label of Ajay Jaswal, actress Deepshikha Nagpal & music composer and singer DJ Sheizwood collaborated for an inspirational song 

Dj Sheizwood took a call when he says corona was coming up with a lot of memes and he decided that entertainment industry has been an inspiration to all and it also means enriching the lives in this testing time of Corona and it should be given paramount importance for one's safety.

Dj Sheizwood initiated the plan to instil energy to fight the virus vicariously and he wanted to contribute through his music to this fatal pandemic COVID 19 & make people more aware of their surroundings and precautions during the day. Quarantine is the solution and we all should adhere to it says DJ Sheizwood in our way we are inspiring people to draw attention to the precautions and care 

Coronavirus has inspired Apeksha Music, DJ Sheizwood & Deepshikha Nagpal to release a song & motivate people to fight the pandemic together.

Ajay Jaswal of Apeksha Music says "Push corona away with good hygiene & high immunity level. We can fight it together. I request people to stay indoors, use masks, use sanitizers & be safe"

DJ Sheizwood says " It better to be safe than sorry. I request people to stay indoors, avoid public gatherings. Use masks & sanitizers, be safe"

Deepshikha Nagpal says "Corona threat is real. The best way to overcome this is by being careful to avoid potential danger. Health is wealth, its high time people start implementing this. Use masks & sanitizers, be safe"

We hope all would follow and united we stand in this time and music would provide some relief emotionally.

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