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Praising this digital space, the actress feels that the platform gives a break from many talents. 

Popular actress Hrishitaa Bhatt has managed to stay relevant in tune with trends and times with her acting credentials. Praising the digital space, the actress has now set her eyes on the digital medium. 

As the intriguing web series ‘Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty?’ streams on Zee 5, Hrishitaa Bhatt, personifying Chitrangada Singh- a character from the periodic drama, opens up about her experiences of working for the ‘over-the-top’ platform for the first time during a recent photoshoot in Mumbai.

The story that runs through eight episodes showcasing prolific court cases gradually unravels the mystery behind the murder of one of the most promising tennis players of the nation.

With a significant paradigm shift in the entertainment industry, over-the-top platforms such as Netflix or Zee5 have been able to cater to the audience, quality content with the ease of portability and convenience of one’s own space and time. Such a trend would surely pave the way in days to come, feels Hrishitaa, the actress who has worked predominantly in films.

 “As an actor your choices are confined to taking chances as per the movie and the revenue it would generate. The studios would not want to experiment unless they have these kinds of platforms and therefore in most cases they put the original content directly without doing much about it.

If at all studios would like to be innovative, they need a certain storyline and a budget that could only be possible on digital media. OTT gives the kind of creative freedom that lacks in the traditional platforms otherwise. So for producers and actors, they are a boon as it is the best way to connect with the audience at large.

Also televisions have done little to change the kind of “old wine in a new bottle” kind of melodramas despite the change in the number and taste of the audience. This is where OTT steps in with its fresh and engaging set of content that is nowhere found on television” adds Hrishitaa.

‘Chargesheet’ is a huge success on OTT and presently, she is working on a series named “LalBazaar” that would be aired on Zee5 very soon.

“As an actor I would love to be a part of great projects with diverse roles, not necessarily to be on the lead role always. I have been into a couple of regional films too such as Bengali, Marathi, and Punjabi.

I am neither against any medium, nor a pro. It is just that we need to evolve and adapt ourselves with the changing times and keep ourselves open to new challenges, learning and trying” feels Hrishitaa.

Lately, she has been occupied with hosting a show called “Rangoli” on DD, something pretty close to her heart as it gives her an opportunity to connect with the rural folk. Being married, she has to continuously strike a balance between her personal and professional life, the reason for which she does not take up projects that come along unless they appeal to her. She was part of the Film Preview Committee for the prestigious IFFI 2017.

She debuted in the film ‘Asoka’ opposite Shahrukh Khan, but it was Haasil that brought her to fame. Bhatt got acclaimed for this role and appeared in films like Ab Tak Chhappan, Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho. In 2011, she co-produced her first-ever film ‘Shakal Pe Mat Ja’ and has even worked in an international film called ‘Flames’. Starting her career as a model, she has been a part of various music videos and is a trained Kathak dancer.

Speaking of her photo shoot held recently, “I feel everything around us is transient, right from seasons to fashion to style. Considering the demands of a certain time period or age or a role, we might want to adopt a certain look or dress in a certain way.

So it comes without saying that we must also change the way how people identify us constantly. With Avani Agasti as my stylist, the five ‘bold and beautiful’ looks created and manifested through the photo shoot were different and a complete breakaway from the usual ‘chubby-bubbly’ or the ‘girl-next-door’ kind of an image people perceived me with.”

“Women are empowering themselves and that is a revolution in itself. Being a woman myself and working in the public domain for so many years, I feel it is time that women speak up and not just be passive participants to whatever is thrust on their way” she adds. 

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