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Views on Union Budget 2019-20  

The first budget of the new government lays out 360 degree plan for the next five years ranging from infrastructure, investment, government divestment programme to changes in the direct and indirect taxes. There has been a very clear focus on promoting entrepreneurship, start-ups, digital India and MSMEs - the backbone of India’s growth. I am very happy to also see the intent to create world class institutions with 3 of Indian institutions already featuring among the top 200 global institutions. It is important to see how the government executes all these measures because that determines the difference between ideas and action. The budget should focus on immediate job creation, land reforms, labour reforms and availability of liquidity both for the short term and long term, which will help to take the economy to the government’s goal of an 8% CAGR growth over the next 5 years and take us to a $5 trillion economy.

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