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Mumbai: In a free eye check-up camp conducted by South African Consul General Maropene Ramokgopa, in partnership with Vision Foundation of India and AIseon Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd, more than 1000 Mumbaikars have been benefited on Friday.

This initiative was undertaken to commemorate the Nelson Mandela Day celebrated each year across the world to honour the late South-African anti-apartheid revolutionary on his birthday.

South African Consul Maropene Ramokgopa who was also the chief guest at the camp said, “Nelson Mandela was known to be a public health hero. He showed everyone that there is nothing to be ashamed of if one is suffering from any kind of illness. With this camp, we are urging the authorities to step up and help the poor in order to ensure that the population is healthy. We also request the people to help at least one needy person each day so that every day becomes Nelson Mandela Day.”

Co-founder of AISeon Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd Manoj Gursahani says, "There is nothing more crushing than losing your eyesight. We have discovered that 80% of visual impairment is avoidable and preventable and it's so unfortunate that many people who are suffering from any kind of eye-related diseases are unaware of how prevention can save them.

The eye check-up was a unique initiative which was backed by Artificial Intelligence for quick and accurate results.

Created by one of the partners of this camp AISeon Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd. is Dhi Ajna, an AI-based platform which bridges the gap between public eye care services and reduces inequities in services provision.

Dr.Kulin Kothari, Chairperson of Vision Foundation of India is the spirit and guiding support of this unique initiative.

Apart from diagnosing the current eye diseases and predicting the potential eye-related ailments, those who were found positive of developing visual impairment in the future will be sent to health centres or hospitals across the city for further treatment at minimal cost.

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