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Vatsal Seth or " vatty boy" as he popular is known to take a keen interest in spending quality time with family and friends. Vatsal was seen as the lead in the film Heroes alongside Sohail Khan which had a host of stars as guest appearances is more known for his debut, Tarzan-The Wonder Car.

Recently married to Ishita Dutta, Vatsal is a complete family man and in his words, he cherishes the presence of strong women around him, " I have had a huge influence of strong women in my life be it, family or friends. I now have a wife who is strong and her family which is equally strong". When we asked Vatsal for his plans for Christmas, he said: " I am looking to spend some time with close friends and family for Christmas as it has been some time that they have had an off."  He further added, " Balance in work and life is probably more important than success itself as it means nothing without your close ones around you. Giving time to them is extremely important and what better than Christmas."

Vatsal aka Vattyboy is a keen traveler and shares his idea about it. "It's kinda cool to explore unknown destinations as you get out of your comfort zone and in the process, you get to discover yourself. Meeting new people is great for mental health and it completes your travel story and rejuvenates you for the grind.

He is working on his physique for quite some time as we had seen on Instagram, we are gushing what this boy wonder has up his sleeves, come 2019.

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