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Mumbai Congress Chief slammed the BJP Govt for increasing the fuel prices just a day after the nation observed a Bandh fighting the same

Mumbai: Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam today slammed the State Govt led by Devendra Fadnavis after the fuel prices witnessed a hike just a day after the entire nation hit the streets to protest against the same. He has called this move of the Govt a strategic one keeping the upcoming elections in mind. 

 Calling the BJP Govt insensitive towards the common people Sanjay Nirupam said, "The entire nation expected the Govt to curb the fuel prices after hearing their cries. Instead the Govt has still increased the fuel prices even today which shows how insensitive and inconsiderate they are towards the problems of the common people. Petrol prices have crossed the Rs. 90/ litre mark while diesel has reached Rs. 77.92/ litre in Mumbai. Why is the Govt conveniently refraining from curbing heavy taxes being levied on fuel? What is stopping the Govt from bringing down the fuel prices and providing a relief to the common people?”

 Sanjay Nirupam targeted Maha CM Devendra Fadnavis and accused him of playing with the lives of the common people. “In what can be called a well-planned election gimmick, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh have deduced the taxes levied on petrol and diesel which will bring down the fuel prices by Rs. 2- 2.5/ litre in both the states. With polls being just around the corner, this decision has been taken to serve their own vested interested rather than solving problems of the people. Is the Maha CM too waiting for elections to curb fuel prices so that he can take credit for disrupting the lives of the people first and then pretending to help them”.

The fuel prices have witnessed a consistent rise since the May 2014. While the Govt has been claiming that the price of crude oil has been increasing internationally, the statistics contradict the claims made by the Govt. During the UPA Regime, the price of crude oil was $107.09/litre which has fallen to $73/ litre today. Also the prices of petrol and Diesel were Rs. 71.41/ litre and Rs. 55.49/ litre under the Congress rule which has now reached Rs. 79.51/ litre and Rs. 71.55/ litre respectively as of September 2018. The excise duty levied by the on petrol was Rs. 9.20/ litre under the UPA-led Govt which has reached Rs. 20/ litre today. The excise duty levied on diesel too is Rs. 18/ litre today which was Rs. 3.46/ litre under the UPA rule. These statistics prove that the fuel prices have been on the rise despite the fall in the price of crude oil internationally thus unmasking the claims of the BJP Govt.

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