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CAP Today, Deaf people across held silent protest march from Dadar railway station to Shivaji Park. More than 1000 Deaf people participated in the march. The reason of this march is growing rape cases in our country.. Now a days rape cases are day to day headlines, we wanted hearing community & Government should see these injustices.. And when it comes to Peopel with Disabilities the case is more sensitive.. The Deaf 11 year girl who has been raped by 22 men, she was Deaf, she can’t speak & hear so for her to express herself would have become more difficult.. We want people & government to be aware towards this & give the girl justice.. Hang those 22 men now.. Demand to hang those all the rapists at the time of arrest, make this a ‘law’ and also implement this.. Stop being our country as “rapists country”. Deaf Leaders who organised this rally Pradeep More, Ritesh Modi, Arti Umrotkar, Shalaka Pol, Priti Mishra, Rajesh Kulkarni, Chetan Somwanshi, Vipul Shah, Vaibhav G,

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