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Central Desk: BJP chief took advantage of his power at the Center and BJP Governor Vaju Bhai Bala with BJP's candidature BS Yeddyurappa administered the oath of office to Chief Minister and given a 15-day delay to prove it as his majority can do. But the opposition party was not satisfied with all these things, at the moment, sat satyagraha in the meantime. And for the sake of justice, the Supreme Court had to knock on the door at midnight. Finally, Congress lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi ji filed a petition in the Supreme Court, urging him to make a decisive decision.   
       On his petition, the Supreme Court took this decision this morning that the BJP government is given full 2-day time to prove the majority. If the BJP does not prove its majority tomorrow itself, that is, by the late evening of Saturday, his government can go. On this, the BJP member urged the Supreme Court to grant the delay of some days to us, on this, the Supreme Court has clearly stated that it will be given only for 2 days. Along with this, an important historic decision was taken that BS Yedurappa can not take any policy decision within two days and neither can any Anglo-Indian join his majority.                 
      Now this democracy has become an exciting cricket match instead of elections. Now we have to see that the BJP government keeps its power, or the opposition parties Congress, JDS and other parties together form their new government or in spite of both, President's rule can be implemented in Karnataka. This three things have remained an important point. It would be unfair to take any decision on this or it would be appropriate that we just have to see tomorrow evening. If BS Yedurappa can not prove his majority then his government can go. Now one of the biggest problems has come to them that according to the Supreme Court's decision, the polling for the majority will not be a secret, it will be in front of the group. Now there is more problem for them, how to do any legislator in his favor, then how will they?          Now we have to see what will happen if the magic of Modi or the Congress will be dominant. This whole game has remained like a riddle, which is finding it difficult to figure out or remove it. Whatever the government has made Now the problem is only on the public and only what will happen to them, the young people of today who believe in Modi thinking and have given their valuable votes with that belief, their beliefs will now reach the government where the incoming government Right now, he has started running in Karnataka's atmosphere.

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