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Jamui (Bihar) :  It is said that if a sincere person stands in the middle of 100 thieves, then there is no place for that honest. This saying is proved with a honest JE of Jamui district. It was expensive to keep the spirit of honesty in the duty of Chandrasekhar Prasad Singh, the JE of MGNREGA in Aliganj block of district. In place of M.B. I will not book, even if I have to bear the harassment I suffered for this ... Jechi Chandrasekhar Prasad Singh's tough decision had caused a storm in some areas of the Block area and PRS. But JE is making a mistake to understand this. His officials, who dip into Gangotri of corruption, did not have any special significance from his ideology. The combination of some chief, PRS and P. have ensured that JE's honesty of truthfulness was transferred to DDC by the DDC and stopped their speaking. The transferred JE of Manarega has become the subject of various discussions in Aliganj. Many PRS said on condition of anonymity that the implementation of MNREGA scheme for nearly one year in Aliganj Panchayat was not being done due to its tough stance. Most of the chiefs had been able to set up JE at the door of their house and to build their mind-oriented estate. Which the said engineer had refused to do so. For whom the woman was harassed by this word by calling her for the abuse of the worker in the office. But not sure about this, the engineer of your tune saved her faith. The angry head, PRS and the PO created a conspiracy against the said Engineer and transferred it. It has been said that in the implementation of various schemes in the Panchayat areas of Aliganj Block, without any signature of JE and AE, the game to make the money of the government money was done frozen. The source says that the huge amount behind this transfer The transaction has been done by dissatisfied chief, PRS and women's PO, to deal with the transfer of the said transfer. In fact, one of the irrigation department E has been designated to replace the said Engineer in the place of the said Engineer. It is being said that DDC had coveted the show from the said JE in the past. In which the JE mentioned the pressure of booking a wrong MB in writing. But all these things were ignored. The recent MNREGA office has its office located in this place for a day or two in 15 days. Due to their workforce, forced hajj cutting has become their past. The source points out that after transfer by the Rural Development Department The discussion has also become commonplace for charging the amount of the commission for the transfer of the transfer for 6 months. It is mandatory that after the transfer of the PO, Shetr PO redesigned Gyakjbki Aliganj is putting remained in its original place a question mark over more.That process systems. On the other hand, in response to the clarification of J. Chandrasekhar Prasad Singh by the DDC, they instead of examining the serious issues, instead of investigating the matter, have instead shifted the case.
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