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As you may be aware, Facebook has launched a page specially for 5 year old kids called "Messanger Kids"

But research shows that adolescent social media use is linked to depression, poor sleep, and unhealthy body image – and now Facebook is targeting even younger kids. Facebook’s Messenger Kids is the first major social media platform designed for young children. It features stickers, emojis, and animations to keep kids coming back to the app again and again. Younger children aren’t equipped to deal with the interpersonal challenges and addictive power of social media. And moving friendships online displaces the face-to-face interactions crucial for developing empathy and healthy relationships. Help us protect childhood by telling Mark Zuckerberg: No Facebook for five-year-olds!
So if you agree. kindly click on this link to sign the Petition to Mark Zuckerberg to remove this page from their site.

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