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Arjumman Mughal has a new diet for the preparation of her next bollywood project and we are awed by her commitment. She has taken to a paleo diet and we can't keep calm. She has to do a lot of physically strenuous work in her next  bollywood film and she has taken to it with full commitment.

We spoke to Arjumman Mughal and here is she has to say, "Its a dream project and I can't wait to start shooting. I am working on the preparation and I don't want to keep any stones unturned for the project. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can't reveal much but I can't wait for the audience to see the spectacle. Its been a little difficult initially with the paleo diet but now I can see it's working wonders on my body. Its all towards bringing the character into celluloid."

Arjumman is a total professional when it comes to her characters. She has done extremely well in her previous bollywood roles and we wish her all the luck and love.

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