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They say that we are what we eat but isn't it true for what we see as well. What if we combine to see what we eat and in the hottest food destination in india, Aamchi Mumbai. The newest food series brings us exactly that. It is a series called Khane Ke Deewane and it is available right now on a very exciting platform which is extremely competitive as well. You guessed it right. We are referring to Gemplex. It's a high end OTT platform and we are talking about the launch of the series Khane ke Deewane and it is available in Gemplex. It's a Gemplex original which is now streaming.

Khane ke Deewane is anchored by chef Rohit Gujral and actress Swatti Bakshi. In this series we get to see 12 professional chefs talking about their unique journey and taking us on a memorable food tour across destinations in Mumbai such as Bademiyaan in Colaba, Cafe Madras in Matunga, Cafe Iranii Chai in Mahim, Lucky Restaurant in Bandra and many others. This will be food and chat series like no other. They will be cooking some unique and delicious recipes out of some of the simplest things available in almost everyone's kitchen. It is a food chat series which takes us from the by lanes or the gullies to the star restaurant and places that is the range is from Bademiyaan to Hotel Sahara Star.

For anyone visiting Mumbai this series will be like a food guide to experience the unique flavours, recipes and spices of Mumbai and enjoy it at their purest form. And for people residing here its like a walk down memory lane and see what they might be missing out on. The series would also take us to the chefs of our very own Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana MCA and the the kitchens of Cricket Club of India.

Gemplex is a fantastic content platform and it believes in the concept of first day and first show. It is currently available in 52 countries. The content is exclusively available only Gemplex OTT platform. It is essentially an original content driven platform with 100% fresh, authentic and relevant content. It is powered by Amazon Web services and it is available in Android, Amazon fire tv, Apple iOS, Web and Roku.

In this series Khane Ke Deewane there will be new chefs, new food destinations and new dishes every other episodes. It will not only engage us all food lovers but also give us a sense of engagement. It is a 12 episodic deep dive into food and destinations in Mumbai like no other. We get a deep insight of the food industry and what goes on in the preparation of the dish and  the sheer joy of cooking and that is exactly what we might be missing in our day to day lives.

Khane Ke Deewane is an exciting series presented by Gemplex, Creative Producer Vishal Kumar Patil, Avishek Majumder, Associate Producer Suresh Anchan, Co-Produced by Neeta Tiwari, Pragati Tiwari, Produced by Prakash Tiwari, Rohan Tiwari.

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