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Lopamudra Raut is ringing in some much needed vacation time in goa and the pictures are breathtaking to say the least. She is a total nature lover and she switches between seas and the mountains for her vacations. Whenever she gets time off she ensures to hit a place close to nature and start off a vacation.

Lopamudra has been turning major heads as she has been one of the major newsmakers in 2019 and 2020 has got off to a flying start for the star. She was spotted in one of the pristine beaches of goa where she was having a great time. She totally loves the water specifically during the winters as we could always see her holidaying in beautiful locations during this time of the year. The pictures are just stunning. 2019 has been an extremely busy year for lopamudra and and line ups for 2020 is definitely making that busier. We spoke to her and here is what she has to say, “I am a complete nature lover and love to spend time on the beach and in the midst of the greenery. Goa is my happy place”

We wish you the same lopamudra. You are a star and keep entertaining us like you have always been.

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