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The SDC is a professional, chartered society. They are also a global organisation, with their Head Office in Bradford UK, they have an international network of regions and activities. Their mission is to Educating the changing world in the science of colour.

The conference saw the presence of Mr. V.R.Sai Ganesh (Trustee SDC), Dr. Graham Clayton (CEO, SDC UK) Manish Mandana (Joint Managing Director - Mandana Industries), Archana Kochar, Dr. Aneel Kashi Mmurarka, Anjani Prasad and many more. 

The SDC India has organised an International conference themed ‘Innovations in Textile Technology and Fashion towards a Circular Economy’. “The circular economy is an alternative system in which products and materials are kept in a high-value state of use for as long as possible”. Today's linear ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy and is a model that is reaching its physical limits. A circular economy is an attractive and viable alternative with huge benefits for the environment. The conference attracts dye house, retailers, brands ,certifiers, laboratories and design and fashion professionals from around the world

It is an India initiative to support the colour and allied industry with the help of the experts in respective fields. The mission is to ‘enhancing lives thru colour’ The focus is on: • Educating specially abled adults in field of colour • Promotion of education • Ensuring environmental sustainability • Enhancing vocational skills • Promoting social business projects • Funding for underprivileged for research & development • Recycling & reducing waste The projects are managed by the SDC India CSR committee.       

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